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Bennington County Clothesline Project

Bearing witness to survivors in our community.


In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Bennington County Child Advocacy Center & Special Investigations Unit is partnering with Project Against Violent Encounters for The Clothesline Project. 

The Clothesline Project was started in Cape Cod, MA in 1990. This is a visual display that bears witness to violence against women. A clothesline is hung with shirts that each represent a particular women's experience. The shirts are created by the survivor herself or by someone who cares about her. 

The purpose of this project is to bear witness to the survivors in our community, to help with the healing process, to educate the community, and provide a nationwide network of support and encouragement.

This project will be traveling throughout Bennington for the month of April- Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

You can find the display at the following locations:

Any questions regarding the Clothesline can be directed to Jenna Caslin at

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