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Board of Directors


President: Alexander Burke

Deputy State's Attorney, State of Vermont

Vice President: Kyle Hoover

District Director, Family Services Office, DCF

Kyle has worked for the Vermont Department for Children and Families for over 15 years.  He is the District Director for the Bennington DCF Office, having served as a Family Services Supervisor as well.  Prior to that, he conducted investigations into allegations of child abuse and neglect for over a decade.  That included working as part of the Child Advocacy Center and the early days of the Special Investigations Unit.  In that work, he saw firsthand what true collaboration and teamwork can do, and why it is essential that we work together to support all victims of sexual abuse, provide community-wide education, and help families heal.  It is because of those children and youth, through their strength and resiliency, that Kyle is honored to serve as a member of the CAC board. 

Secretary: Julie Pagliccia

Director of Youth & Family Services 

and Northshire Services, United Counseling Services

Julie is responsible for the clinical and administrative oversight of the agency’s Northshire Office located in Manchester. The programs offered include Adult Outpatient and Substance Abuse services and Youth and Family Services. Julie is also responsible for all of the agency contracted School Based Services with the Bennington Rutland Supervisory Union, Battenkill Valley Supervisory Union and the Southern Vermont Supervisory Union. The office is home to the Northshire Head Start program and Mentoring at UCS. Providers from the CRT program and the Developmental Services programs have recently increased their presence to provide more services to people in this area. Julie joined UCS in 1999 as a school based clinician moving to the position of Community Services Manager in 2005 and is a member of the Local Inter Agency Team (LIT) and the Integrated Family Services (IFS) Team of Bennington County. She has a BA in Sociology from Clark University and a MA degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Stetson University. Julie has enjoyed working in the social service and mental health realm for almost 30 years in both State and private agencies.



Treasurer: Christopher Oldham

Executive Director of Park-McCullough Historic Governor's Mansion

Christopher Oldham is a native of Bennington and a graduate of Mount Anthony Union High School. He attended Castleton College, where he focused his studies on human services relative to social problems, cultural diversity, and communities in American society. Christopher returned to Bennington after college to begin what he describes as a mission to serve his community and to bring new hope, opportunity, and compassion to those who face adversity. At 22, he ran for a position on the Bennington Select Board and served for nine years. He has worked for Vermont Center for the Deaf & Hearing, United Counseling Services, and New England Newspapers Inc. He also spent 16 years working with Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless in various capacities, including five years as the Executive Director. He has served on several community boards including Applegate Housing Inc., Better Bennington Corp., CareNet Pregnancy Center, Bennington Free Library, Bennington Rescue, CAT-TV, Bennington Free Library, and Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless among others. Currently, Christopher is the Executive Director of Park-McCullough Historic Governor's Mansion, a position he accepted in September of 2019. He gladly accepted the offer to serve on the BCCAC because he strongly believes in their mission. Chris is interested in being a board member because "BCCAC's work has changed the lives of many people and serves as a support system for those who have experienced the unthinkable. Personally, this mission holds a special place in my heart, and I am happy to serve, support, and promote such a valuable community program."


Beth Sausville

Sr. Policy and Operation Mgr


VT DCF Family Services

Beth has worked for the Vermont Department for Children and Families for almost the last 28 years, a majority of which was in the Bennington Office.  After beginning her career as a Caseworker, Beth went over to conduct child abuse and neglect investigations for several years before moving into subsequent leadership positions for the Division.  Having worked closely for many years with Bunny Thompson, Beth shared her commitment to the CAC and its commencement, along with many formative years.  It is through these experiences, along with local collaboration that Beth asked to remain a member of the Board of Directors, despite her current role takes her away from providing direct service to the Bennington community. Beth remains dedicated to the child victims and their families in Bennington County.  “I am honored to be a part of this incredible resource in our community.”



Bernadette "Bunny" Thompson

Retired Community Member

Bunny Thompson is retired from the VT Department for Children and Families (DCF), where she was employed for 32 years.  Bunny is a graduate of Southern Vermont College with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services.  One of the original investigators in the Bennington DCF office, she moved on to become Supervisor of Intake and Investigations, and most recently the Supervisor of the Child Protective Services Unit. 


Bunny's insight helped develop the Bennington County Association Against Child Abuse program in 1993, now the Bennington County Child Advocacy Center and Special Investigations Unit.  She also co-founded the Bennington County Multidisciplinary team (over 40 professionals contribute to the MDT), and was the Chairperson since its formation in 1989 until her retirement.


Bunny was the first Board President beginning in 1993 and held that position until her retirement in August 2011.  Bunny will continue to sit on the Board because she is a believer in the mission and concept of the CAC/SIU.

Melissa Shea

Department of Children and Families



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