Coordinated Case Management and Advocacy

The Case Coordinator works with our clients in accessing supports and services to meet their basic needs, referrals to therapeutic treatment, support group and other needed services. The Case Coordinator works as a liason to maintain connection between the client and the professionals within the multi disciplinary team, to help keep them informed throughout the investigation, prosecution and treatment.

The Case Coordinator is the one constant for clients, working with them from disclosure throughout the life of their case and their journey to healing. 

Community Education

The Child Advocacy Center provides a variety of educational opportunities to professionals and community members to give them the tools required to help keep children safe.

We stay current in best practice programming, and are dedicated to playing our role in helping prevent childhood sexual abuse through educating our community.


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Forensic Interviews

One purpose of Child Advocacy Center's is to limit the number of times a child has to tell their story. Limiting the number of times they have to tell their story, limits re-traumatization.

Our center fosters a comfortable, child centered atmosphere. The staff who conduct the interviews are all trained by the National Children's Advocacy Center in Forensic Interviewing and are current on best practices.